How do we go forward from here?

I am a social worker, trained in the treatment of mental health issues. This does not fully prepare me to address the existential threat of the climate emergency, as we observe unfolding in the world at this time. There is more than enough evidence to clearly observe that we, as humans, have fallen out of sync with our responsibilities to care for our world and the environment. I won’t bore you with statistics, because the simplest of DuckDuckGo searches will lead you to the evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, that exists and is easily accessible. One can, for the sake of intellectual practice, argue with the facts, but to consider the whole of the information, we are on the precipice of the end of the human race. Self-extermination continues to be the greatest threat to the human experience at this time.

Even the most of insensate animals understand the axiom of old, don’t soil the places where you eat with what you excrete. Yet it doesn’t appear that the most modern, connected, and allegedly educated society has a clue about what it is accomplishing with modern society. We are sicker, more unhappy and miserable than previous versions of society in many ways. There are major questions to be asked and answered about our use of technology, that we are physically capable of being healthier mentally and physically but focus the use of the technology to maximize profit. Humans are more interested in comfort than just about any other option or possibility, to the extent that we are willing to dance up to the edge of self-destruction to have big cars, big houses and things that don’t necessarily create value or worth in the long run. We have become short term creatures, thinking only of the next five to ten years.

Where do humans really improve the environment where they live? There are not places or examples of the world being improved by human presence — we destroy land, destroy ecosystems and interfere with the flow of nature when we arrive. There is nothing focused on sustaining the very systems that we rely upon to sustain us. No one talks about birth control or family planning, lest we piss off the religious right. Inconvenience is something that is a fundamental right to avoid at all costs. Post-World War II America has been a vampire, drinking the lifeblood of the planet to the long term detriment of all on the planet.

When the temperature increases further, the storms continue to increase and eventually people start to realize that crop yields rely on a reliable, semi-predictable climate. That if the wet bulb humidity reaches a certain point, that simply existing in the heat is impossible. Humans have to be able to radiate heat, if not then we will die of heat exhaustion. Every last man, woman and child are vulnerable.

Social worker. Odd fellow.